Fortis House

Fortis House

FORTIS House is a set of house designs and building principles developed by the Bushfire Building Council of Australia (BBCA) in response to community requests for help to make their homes more resilient to bushfire and other disasters.

From the structure to the finishes, its design has been carefully curated to be disaster resilient, sustainable and self-sufficient.

Materials are at the heart of the attitude and design for the FORTIS project and steel was the perfect fit for the FORTIS designs. From the structural elements to the finishings, steel offers the non-combustible and robustness required for the harsh conditions. Steel means that the aesthetic can become real strengths with the aerodynamic roof form, wall cladding and steel mesh bi-fold screens.

Thanks to Australian steel, FORTIS can serve as a modern-looking home that effortlessly adds to the lifestyle of its inhabitants all whilst offering maximum protection from extreme weather conditions.

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